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Best Value Flooring

Best Value Flooring

Based on our market research and an enormous amount of customer feedback, we confidently believe our flooring products offer the best value for money available in the market.

From time to time we have potential customers comment that they have found a cheaper product, but we have discovered on each occasion, they are comparing us with an inferior product. Our vinyl plank flooring is 5.5mm thick with a 0.5 mm wear layer. Yes, you can purchase vinyl plank flooring at a cheaper price, but it is 2 to 3 mm thick with a 0.2 mm wear layer with a lesser warranty.

We stress to all of you doing your flooring research, before purchasing, to make sure you compare like with like, particularly when it comes to specifications and warranties. That's what will truly give you value for money and long term peace of mind with your flooring purchase.

Our attitude is this. You will be walking on and looking at your flooring virtually everyday of the year. You want to be happy with your decision, that it both looks great and provides you with the quality and satisfaction you desire. It can be false economy to purchase a cheaper and inferior quality product.

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